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Anonymous asked: is it ok for people who are from asia (the middle east and around there, so brown) to say nigga/nigger?









No, no no no NO.
It sure as hell is NOT OKAY.

If you are not black don’t say it.
“nigga” and “nigger” are the same word if you’re not black.

It will never be okay, you cannot reclaim a slur that was not directed at your people.

- Susie the moderator

why the fuck can’t people wrap their heads around this shit? it’s like these anons are tryin to get folks’ pressure up.

"Nigga and nigger are the same word if you’re not black."

Brb laughing forever.
They’re serious.
They’re actually serious.

did you know that while working in beijing my friend came to realize that they use “niga” in conversation like we use “um”

fun fact

so let me get this straight…

a black person can refer to me as “cracker” which is short for “whip-cracker” as in one who cracks a whip over slaves, and there’s no outcry for falsely referring to me as a moral criminal guilty of actual slavery.

but when a white person calls a black person “nigger” which is slang for “nigerian” which is a freaking nationality, with no actual berating denotation in the first place…  suddenly, MORAL OUTRAGE BLARGABLARGABLARGA!!!

i’m going to call people what i want to call them.  and allow everyone else the same freedom to call whoever they want, whatever they want.

i’m kind of egalitarian that way.

OMG LMAO!! fucking idiot. whites can know fuck about shit and still talk with authority and confidence. just look at this! others also have the freedom to cuss you out for running your mouth because they can also do what they want. actions have consequences. whites love to bring up being egalitarian if you’re defending something derogatory to anyone not white and nothing else  

all these white kids on the internet love to act brave but they don’t want to walk on the same side of the road with us. you know your ass wouldn’t do this shit to the face of any Black person about “i’m going to call people what i want to call them” you’ll grab your bag and clench your butt cheeks when we pass like every other white.

seeing the hygiene practices from whites ive gone uni with, you lot will wipe your selves out soon enough 

The last part tho….that’s what I’m here for. Lmao

"Which is short for nigeria" … Wow

Tbh you’ll prolly get your ass wooped if you say wassup to black person saying wats up “nigga” ! Soooo….


Erykah Badu


Mef & His Shorty (now wife) 1996

I love love love this picture.

Mos Def (Yasiin Bey) x Yeezy x Pharrell



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